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Wyre Necklace

Wyre Necklace

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This handmade porcelain and gold pendent necklace is simple in style and perfect for everyday wear.

The piece is made in a home studio in Dublin by Sheenagh Green. Each piece is made from porcelain and 24K gold and is fired in a kiln three times before being assembled into the final piece. The range is inspired by simplicity, sunshine and relaxed living.

Because every piece is made by hand each piece is unique and can vary slightly.

Caring for your piece:

Porcelain jewellery is unique to other jewellery. We recommend storing it separately to keep its finish vibrant. Unglazed areas can become slightly dirty with wear, to clean them use a small amount of soap and a small brush. 

It is also advised to remove while showering or swimming.

Pendent - Porcelain & 24K Gold
Chain - 14K gold filled, 18"

Size: 13mm x 13mm

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