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Timeless porcelain jewellery kissed with 24K gold

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Every piece is made by hand in Dublin Ireland by Sheenagh Green. In her home studio Sheenagh forms each piece before firing it in her kiln in her back garden. The jewellery is then assembled and packaged in her studio before sending them out to each customer.


Porcelain and gold are the signature materials that make up each piece. The origin of the materials is very important to us. All porcelain comes from Stoke-en-trent and all gold is traceable.


The style of the pieces is timeless, elegant and understated. Each piece is designed to be a staple of your wardrobe and can be worn effortlessly everyday.


Each piece of jewellery is formed by hand before being packed in the kiln for is first firing. It is then glazed by hand and fired a second time before being brushed with 24K gold lustre. The pieces are then fired for one last time prior to being assembled into their final piece of jewellery.