Sheenagh Green

My background is in both Industrial and hand-made design, having originally studied Industrial Design at NCAD before training with the Crafts Council of Ireland in handmade ceramics.
I have always been fascinated with how our surroundings affect us and exited to create spaces that people feel good in. I really feel that handmade pieces are valuable additions to these spaces as they hold subtle tones, unique forms and are generally made with love and care.
The current range embraces understated femininity through a simple palette and elegant forms.  
Each piece is formed by hand, and the whole process start to finish takes approximately 10 days. The materials used for the jewellery are porcelain, 24K gold and 14K gold filled. 
Above shows the stages of the AYR Pendant.

Porcelain: This is when the pendent has been formed by hand but hasn’t been fired yet. If it was popped into water it could be recycled back into a piece of clay.

Glaze: The pendent has gone through its bisque and glaze firing. It has reached its highest temperature. You can see it has also shrunk slightly.

Lustre: The gold lustre has been applied and it is ready for its final firing.

Fired: The piece has gone through all three firings and is ready to be assembled into the Ayr necklace.
Handmade is important to me for the subtle marks and characteristics it gives us. Because of this I was keen to have my potters stamp designed by hand.
Laura from Calligraphy by Laura is a talented hand calligrapher in Dublin Ireland, and she created the entire design by hand before digitising it.
The artistic technique was hand calligraphy using a traditional dip calligraphy pen.
The monogram is one continuous line.