FRISA Stud Small
FRISA Stud Small
FRISA Stud Small

FRISA Stud Small

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Gold and porcelain stud.

Each porcelain 'pearl' is made by hand so it is naturally unique with an organic shape. This understated earring is a handmade take on an elegant classic. Designed to become a staple in your collection.


Ear post and butterfly back: 14K gold filled

'Pearl': Porcelain

Size 'Pearl': 5mm


Because every piece is made by hand each piece is unique and can vary slightly.


Caring for your piece:

Porcelain jewellery is unique to other jewellery. We recommend storing it separately to keep its finish vibrant. Unglazed areas can become slightly dirty with wear, to clean them use a small amount of soap and a small brush. 

Although porcelain is stronger than generally perceived please remember that these pieces are precious and do have a delicacy to them. 

It is also advised to remove while showering or swimming.

FRISA Stud Small